Air Force Members Caught Leaking Classified Documents

( – The Air Force of the United States just told the public that 15 of its members have been disciplined from an air base in Massachusetts after a classified leak. This reprimand comes after the investigation into 1st Class Airmen Jack Teixeira’s leak of national security documents.

This was a separate investigation from the inspector general then the previous probe conducted by the justice department that resulted in the arrest of Teixeira and an indictment in June on six accounts of unauthorized disclosure of classified documents.

He pleaded not guilty in June, and is still behind bars as we speak. He is still waiting for his trial date.

The Air Force Department just released a report on Monday, December 11th that the 102nd Intelligence Wing failed to “take proper action after becoming aware of his intelligence-seeking activities.

On the contrary, the Inspector General did not have any suspicion that these 15 individuals were actually aware of what intelligence he was seeking, and how he was getting that information.

Col. Sean Riley, 102 IW commander was relived of his duties because of negligence. All previously suspended commanders in the 102nd Intelligence Support Squadron were permanently removed from duty.

There were also several indirect factors that could have help Teixeira have access to unauthorized documents. Commanders had failed to fully inspect areas that were under their jurisdiction, and had inconsistent guidance for reporting security instances that could happen.