Billionaire Democrat Supports Nikki Haley

( – The CEO of JPMorgan Chase, named Jamie Dimon told the American people on Wednesday, November 29th that they should be very angry about their financial status in the United States.

Dimon in an interview was asked people think the economy is doing poor in recent polls, especially since the presidential race is coming up quick. He said that inflation is stopping the economy from reaching its full potential, and this hurts lower earners the most.

He added that even though we are at an all-time low for unemployment in the United States, inflation is still making people worse off. “The bottom third, I kind of think they have a right to be pissed off.”

Jamie Dimon also says that the United States has done a very bad job on taking care and supporting the bottom range of earners.

Dimon explains that the bottom percentage of workers are the ones that are only making $15 to $20 an hour, and they are the ones that lost their jobs during the Coronavirus pandemic. They are the ones that are suffering from health, education, and crime because they lack the funds to buy these things. Essentially, we as a nation have let them down.

Dimon has mixed feelings on how Presidents Trump and Biden injected money into the economy as stimulus packages, calling their “injected drugs.”

He used the analogy of a sugar high to demonstrate what the economy is doing now. With stimulus packages, the United States had a temporary feeling of a rise of standard of living, but now we are experiencing the crash, with rising inflation.

To combat this, Dimon suggested that liberal democrats put their support in Nikki Haley, a republican candidate for president. He did this because he thinks Nikki Haley would be a better candidate in the Republican Party than Trump.

Jamie Dimon thinks that the attacking of the entire “ultra MAGA” people is misleading and divisive, as liberals are making assumptions on who is part of that group and the wide range of political discourse. Dimon says he would be open to advising Trump if he was reelected in 2024.