CHP Officer Kills Pedestrian On Freeway

( – A man at the age of 34 was identified by police as the man who was walking on a freeway. Reportedly, he had a stun gun in hand. CHP officers shot and killed this man. The victim was identified as Jesse Dominguez.

This Los Angeles resident was rushed to the hospital after the shootout with the California Highway Patrol officers on Sunday, November 19th. The Los Angeles Country coroner did not formally disclose the cause of death for this individual.

California Highway Patrol has no disclosed the officer that shot Jesse Dominguez, nor the other officers on duty at the scene of the shootout.

The shootout started between 3 and 4 p.m. during which time a big portion of the Interstate 105 freeway was closed off. This was due to 911 reports of a man walking on a freeway.

Video footage has been released of the man and a CHP officer grappling on the ground before the officer shot the man at close range. Reportedly, the man had shot the stun gun at the officer before being shot.

Experts in dealing with use-of-force say it is plausible that the officer deemed the stun gun to be as dangerous as any other gun or firearm.

Sheriff’s deputy Ed Obayashi said that a stun is very dangerous because once the officer is stunned, the perpetrator can take the officer’s gun, and cause a whirlwind of chaos.

However, Obayashi questioned why there was a sudden escalation in dealing with the perpetrator, as the freeway was cleared and no one was in serious danger.