Father and Daughter Killed In Single Engine Crash

(Rightallegiance.com) – A Tennessee dad and daughter are reported to have crashed a single-engine propeller plane in Tennessee on Thursday, December 7th. The FAA has identified the aircraft as a Beechcraft 35. It crashed by a road near Pulaski. This happened around 11:15 am.

Their identities were confirmed as 78 year old James Blalock and his 45 year old daughter Jenny Blalock. The Giles County Office of Emergency Management confirmed on Saturday, December 9th.

At the time of the crash, only these two individuals were on board. Jenny Blakock ran a pilot influencer Youtube account called “TNFlygirl.”

Jenny Blakock was reportedly a private pilot flying for fun.

There have been reports that the pilot of the aircraft flew into inadvertent IMC (Instrument Meteorological Conditions). Right Allegiance cannot confirm these speculations at this time.