Israel Creates Most Wanted List

( – The government of Israel has issued a “Most Wanted” list for the top killers in the Gaza Territory. On this list is Yahya Sinwar, Hama’s top leader, his brother Muhammed, Rafa Salameh, and Mohammed Deif. These are considered to be the worst killers in Gaza.

Israel is preparing for the biggest battles against Hamas in the near future. They dropped papers from the sky to the streets of Gaza, saying that anyone who reports any information of the people on the most wanted list, could win a reward up to $1 million in total. Sinwar is seen as the mastermind and most dangerous of the Hamas terrorists.

Yahya Sinwar is the Hamas leader in Gaza who was a bounty of $400,000. He has a history of military activism and joined Hamas in 1987. He was arrested after killing two Israelis. He was in prison until 2011 when he was released in exchange for an abducted Israeli military leader.

Mohammad Sinwar is Yahya’s brother, who was part of several terrorist attacks before joining the Khan Younis group in 2005. In 2006, he was also part of an operation that resulted in the kidnapping of Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit. He was held in secret for over 5 years.

Rafa’a Salameh is the commander of the Khan Younis Group, and his bounty is $200,000. He is most likely the leader of the day to fay operations.

Mohammad Deif is the commander of the Hamas military wing, and his bounty is $100,000. He is a massive bombmaker, and is said to have taken part in the planning in the October 7th attacks.