US To Shut Down All Coal Plants

( – According to John Kerry, the Biden Administration is “very focused” on reversing the progress of climate change. He says the the United States will not build anymore coal plants, and will focus in the future on getting rid of the coal plants that we already have.

In the COP28 climate change meeting with representatives from around the world, John Kerry says that building new coal power plants will only make matters worse.

The United States has joined a group of almost 60 countries that have agreed that climate change is indeed an issue, and it is their job to get rid of coal stations at a faster rate. 20% of the electricity of the US is created from coal consumption, so this is a big chunk of energy being diminished.

According to John Kerry, the Biden Administration wants to decrease our reliance on coal power and switch to more renewable energy, such as wind and solar power.

President Joe Biden suggested that many coal plants in the United States will soon be forced to shut down, as it is his plan to create more clean energy. The Biden Administration will be utilizing both rewards and rules to force coal plants to shut down.

One report suggested that about 170 coal plants will be forced to close down by 2030, and 50 more by 2040. The Brandon Shores coal plant will be forced to close down in 2025, even though it powers a substantial amount of homes in the Baltimore area.

According to scientists, burning coal releases much more carbon dioxide in the air, which can be harmful to the environment. However, China is producing more coal plants.